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Inspire Financial Options Ltd. provides clients with professional advice in regard to pensions.
From transferring pensions from previous employers to employee pensions plans. Personal pension plan and Executive Pension Plans. Our team of pension experts are available to advise you on the appropriate pension solution for your unique requirements

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Corporate Clients

Inspire Financial Options Ltd. works with a diverse range of businesses helping clients select, implement and deliver the best employee benefits package: pension plans, life insurance, income protection, key person life assurance and health insurance packages. For employers with existing benefits in place, Inspire Financial Options Ltd. can undertake an independent review of these benefits with a view to providing an improved service at similar or lower cost to the business.

Executive pension planning – providing advice on the maximum level of pension contributions that can be paid into your pension plan, as well as the best investment options based on our extensive research of the options available while taking into account your own appetite for and attitude to risk.

Personal Clients

At Inspire Financial we help you with:

  • Individual pension schemes

  • Choosing the right pension

  • Finding out what your existing pension is worth.

  • Moving pension providers

For the very best pension advice, get in contact with Inspire Financial today.

Transferring of a Pension

Our financial experts can assist with transferring an employee pension into a personal retirement bond. We make the process of moving a pension as simply and as streamlined as possible.

Personal Pensions

A Personal Pension is a personally owned pension, held in your name. Unlike a company pension plan, where your employer may make contributions to your pension, only you can make contributions to a personal pension. A Personal Retirement Bond allows you to bring your pension benefits with you, if you leave a pension scheme.
• It's flexible - You have control over your pension plan and how it is invested.
• It's tax-efficient

Executive Pensions

An Executive Pension is designed to help employees, company owners or company directors save for their retirement. Both employees and employers can avail of tax relief on their contributions.
• Choice - A wide range of investment options, designed to meet your needs.
• Flexibility - You can increase your contributions, or make a one-off contribution, at any stage.