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Getting a mortgage can be a time-consuming process.
At Inspire Financial, we take the hassle out of getting a mortgage by doing the shopping around for you.

For our clients we:

  • Help organise all the appropriate documentation so a mortgage application can get approved quickly & without delay.

  • Get you the right life insurance for our client's circumstances (Life insurance is required to get a mortgage)

  • Coordinate with the financial institution with regards to any issues your mortgage application may be experiencing.

  • Save you time & money as client's go through the mortgage application process.

  • The bottom line is we understand mortgages & can help you save money & get your mortgage approved much more quickly than if you acted alone.

We take the stress out of getting a mortgage by doing the shopping around for you, saving you time and money.

Mortgage Switching

Have you thought of the benefits of switching your mortgage?

  • Get a better interest rate – Switching to a better interest rate could save you thousands over the life of your mortgage.

  • Reduce your mortgage term – Pay your mortgage off early with reduced interest payments.

  • Release equity – You can release the equity in your home to do those home improvements you’ve been thinking about.

  • Research from the Central Bank of Ireland shows that one-in-five could save by switching their mortgage.

Switching is all about wanting to get better value on your mortgage repayments.

How much can you save on your mortgage

The savings from switching your mortgage provider can be staggering often amounting to tens of thousands over the term of your mortgage. Now that’s certainly worth exploring further.